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Why Open Badges?

There is a growing demand for a validation procedure that allows students to get recognition of their learning experiences during the exchange period. The Eumind network has considerable expertise in intercultural learning with about 250 EU and 250 Indian exchange students per year.

Go2B project.
Open badges for
intercultural learning
during exchanges.

Sept. 2015-Aug. 2017. Funded by the EU Erasmus+ programme. The project had 6 partners:

  • Ludo Mateusen (Euneos). Chairperson of Eumind EU, brought the partners together.

  • Open University  Heerlen (Netherlands)

  • Globi. (Netherlands). Legal  body Eumind EU since January 2017

  • Digital me. The expert in Digital badges (UK)

  • Eumind EU school Sint-Lambertus scholen  (Belgium)

  • Eumind EU school Jan van Brabant (Netherlands) coordinated the project

What are Open Badges?

The Open Badge method is an evidence-based online system that allows students to showcase their learning experiences during exchanges. Learn more about Open Badges

The students get tasks and upload the evidence (texts, pictures, videos) of their tasks on a platform when they are completed.

The teacher (issuer) checks the evidence and can issue a badge to the students (earners).

The students can display the badge on social media platforms and in digital applications.

The value of the Open Badge fully depends on the transparent information provided by the issuing organisation. The issuing organisation can be a school or a network e.g. Eumind EU.


GO2B materials and methods

Materials developed by the Go2B project to prepare students interculturally for any exchange programme:

lessons, tasks, grid of intercultural competences and the Go2B standard with tasks covering the four domains of intercultural competences.

Lessons learned from Go2B project

Students appreciate the Open Badges but the full Go2B standard is very demanding.

Pilot project ‘Eumind EU badges’ 2017-2018

Eumind EU are running a small pilot project ‘Eumind badges’ from September 2017 till June 2018 with six Eumind EU schools (Sint-Lambertus scholen, Pius X-College, CSW vd Perre , Broklede SG, Stedelijk College Eindhoven, Wolfert Van Borselen. The Eumind EU and Eumind India boards have agreed that no Indian schools are involved in the Eumind EU badges project 2017-2018. The schools will use most of the Go2B materials. We agreed on quality criteria for a Eumind EU exchanges standard. An external panel of experts will monitor the project. Teachers will check the quality of the evidence and can issue the badges. These badges are Eumind EU badges with the Eumind logo and the school name.