Having international contacts early on can evoke intercultural curiosity and inspire students to pursue an international career.

By participating in online projects students are enabled to have easily accessible international contacts with other students across the world. That is where Eumind comes in. Eumind assists schools in India and in Europe to run online projects together. The schools are matched in clusters of project groups according to the topic chosen. Eumind applies a format of clear research-focused project scenarios (Go Green, Regions, Values, Human Rights) that cover broad general project themes divided into subtopics. Each subtopic has its main research question and sub-questions. The groups of the participating schools deal with the same subtopics. The Theatre and Arts drawing projects follow a different scenario.

The project scenarios all follow the same timetable:

  • Introduction of the group and division of tasks (September- October)
  • Research on the sub-questions (November – December)
  • Comparison (January)
  • Evaluation and certification (End of January)

A team of international coordinators from India and Europe coordinate the projects.

Our online projects: